Did your MSP business grow by 25-40% last year?

Unfortunately, the answer for most MSP’s is no.

Worst yet, trends show that most MSP’s hit a sales ceiling and stagnate there for years. This sales barrier confronts about 80-90% of the MSP’s in the industry.

Why does this happen? The business model that gets you to $ 2-3M in revenue is not sufficient to scale beyond that level. You can change things on the margin like outsourced telemarketing, canned marketing programs or sales training. But, these typically don’t change the game for you,

In contrast, the MSP’s in this Sales Transformation Program have been growing their annual sales by 25-40%.a year – and adding 18+ new MRR clients a year.

What is the difference? Why do these owners double their revenue in 2-3 years; while others stay in the same place?

Simple, these STP Sales All Stars: Do more prospecting and more consistently use a portfolio of prospecting actions. They take more action and generate more discovery meetings

For example, in the month of January, each of the STP Sales All Stars

  • Pursued a meeting with a short list of 20-30 ideal prospects
  • Made over 100 150 prospecting calls each week
  • Generated 2 new discovery meetings (first time appointments) each week with qualified prospective new MRR clients (8 a month)
  • Closed 25%-33% of these discovery meetings.
  • Met with 8-12 of their best clients in January to conduct a business review
  • Proposed and closed a full year of potential project and product sales based on these business reviews.
  • Made between 10-12 calls into your referral network and conduct 4-6 face to face meetings to discuss how to help each other build your business this year
  • Met with 2-3 professional allies to define your co-marketing plan for the year
  • Conducted a discovery meeting with 1-2 targeted members of your association
  • Generated 2-4 high quality inbound leads
  • Conducted 1 training event and set discovery meetings with attendees

How do you stack up with this level of sales effort?

It’s time for a change and here is how to get started:

Now that January is gone and February quickly ending, we can’t go back in time to change things. It’s over.

But you can change your sales destiny in the months ahead. Join the club and sign up today.

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