Live Workshop: Transforming Your Sales Results in 2020
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Changing Your Sales Destiny in 2020 with STP Best Practices

Who Should Attend:
Owners and sales leaders of MSPs and IT Services companies who are dedicated to change their business results.

What Are We Offering:
Two day workshop covering proven, game-changing best practices with follow up 90 Minute one on one sales planning session.

January 27th and 28th – 2020

Marriott Hotel — Marina Del Ray, CA

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Most MSPs hit a sales ceiling they can’t surmount with their current business model. No matter what they have tried; their sales results don’t change.

The owners who stay stuck will choose to invest in half-measures like sales training, hiring sales people who don’t work out, outsourcing prospecting or seeking easy-fixes through marketing toolkits. While these may be marginally helpful, they don’t work without transforming your fundamental approach to business development and the dedication of the owner to lead the change.

So, change begins with the owner’s commitment to change their business. This commitment must be informed by a plan and transformation blueprint, so they know what commitment means and willingly embrace it. But, if you are not willing to invest 50%+ of your time leading the sales program and know how to do it, then your MSP is likely to be one of the 80% that don’t grow or scale.

Did your MSP business grow by 25-40% last year?

Unfortunately, the answer for most MSP’s is no: most grow by 1-5%

Worst yet, trends show that most MSP’s hit a sales ceiling and stagnate there for years. This sales barrier confronts about 80-90% of the MSP’s in the industry.

Why does this happen? The business model that gets you to $ 2-3M in revenue is not sufficient to scale beyond that level. You can change things on the margin like outsourced telemarketing, canned marketing programs or sales training. But, these typically don’t change the game for you,

In contrast, the MSP’s in this Sales Transformation Program have been growing their annual sales by 25-40%.a year – and adding 18+ new MRR clients a year.

What is the difference? Why do these owners double their revenue in 2-3 years; while others stay in the same place?

Simple, these STP Sales All Stars: Do more prospecting and more consistently use a portfolio of prospecting actions. They take more action and generate more discovery meetings

For example, in a typical month, each of the STP Sales All Stars

  • Make over 100 150 prospecting calls each week
  • Generate 2 new discovery meetings (first time appointments) each week with qualified prospective new MRR clients (8 a month)
  • Close 25%-33% of these discovery meetings.
  • Meet with 8-12 of their best clients to conduct a business review
  • Propose and close a full year of potential project and product sales based on these business reviews.
  • Make between 10-12 calls into your referral network and conduct 4-6 face to face meetings to discuss how to help each other build your business
  • Meet with 2-3 professional allies to define your co-marketing plan
  • Conduct a discovery meeting with 1-2 targeted members of your association
  • Generate 2-4 high quality inbound leads
  • Conduct 1 training event and set discovery meetings with attendees

How do you stack up with this level of sales effort?

It’s time for a change and here is how to get started:

Here is what you will learn and apply to your own business:

Leadership and Management Systems:

  • The indispensable role and job responsibilities of the owner as sales leader
  • Leading, coaching and managing the effort
  • Focusing on the performance metrics that matter 
  • The four domains that change your results:
    • Sales Leadership
    • Prospecting For New MRR
    • Becoming a Business Advisor
    • Mastering The Sales Process 
  • Hiring The Right Talent For The Right Roles
    • Business Development Executives
    • Inside Sales
    • Client Account Managers vs VCIOs
    • Sales Administration 
    • Pre-Sales Engineers 
  • Why Owner-Led Sales Capabilities Work Best

Driving New MRR (1-2+ new clients a month)

  • Understanding The Prospect’s Buying Process and What It Means For Your Prospecting Program
  • Why Getting 8 Discovery Meetings Each Month Leads to 2 New Clients
  • Why Most Prospecting Efforts Fail
  • The Pillars Of Prospecting That Changes The Game
  • Volume Prospecting
  • Surgical Prospecting
  • Alliances
  • Associations
  • Systematic Referral Generation
  • Digital Prospecting
  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Marketing
  • Managing and coaching top performance prospecting
  • The tools and training to make the pillars produce discovery meetings: focus, engagement methods and conversion process

Driving 33+% Increases In Sales To Existing Clients

  • Seeing Your Relationship Through The Eyes Of Your Clients
  • Becoming a Business Adviser
  • Developing and Delivering Value Added Services
  • Building Roadmaps and Budgets
  • Conducting Business Dialogues 
  • Handling QBRs 
  • Cultivating personal and business relationships systematically

Managing A Top Performing Sales Process

  • The Goals:
    • Close 33+% of all FTA’s
    • Close 75+% of proposals
  • The Proven Four Step Sales Process
    • Qualification
    • Discovery dialogue
    • Business case 
    • Closing ceremony
  • The Keys
    • Qualifying out prospect’s early
    • Thorough and intentional questioning process
    • Finding the driving pain points
    • Pressure testing the decision process
    • Keeping the prospect engaged in the buying process
    • Letting prospects close themselves throughout the process

As a result of this work, the owners and their leadership team:

  • Understand what’s required to succeed 
  • Know what investments are necessary
  • Define a tailored set of priorities for you and your business
  • Set a roadmap and timeline for transformation
  • Learn the critical skills and foundational methods that make it happen

Michael Cummings
Leader of the Sales Transformation Program

His MSPs clients routinely grow revenue at 25-40% per year. He also worked as a business coach for top executives at industry leading technology firms, including IBM, Cisco, SAP, Accenture and dozens of mid sized companies in the business.

Hannah Erb
Director of Sales – Collabrance

Hannah is responsible for building the strategic vision for sales and marketing while providing business planning, education, training, and sales assistance to partners. She is also responsible for originating new partnerships for Collabrance. She was recognized as one of 2019’s Women of the Channel by CRN, a brand of The Channel Company. Hannah started at Collabrance in 2013 as a Strategic Business Advisor. In 2014, Hannah was nominated by her peers and won Rookie of the Year, and was rewarded 100% Sales Achievement Club at GreatAmerica for exceeding her FY’18 sales budget. Hannah earned her business degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems from the University of Iowa.

Ryan Ikeler
Vice President of Entara

Ryan is one of the top performing business development executives in the MSP industry. He consistently drives $ 70k to 100K in new MRR each year – and drives state of the art client account management practices that lead to 33+% increases in sales revenue to existing clients. Currently. Ryan is VP of Sales of Entara – one of the leading MSPs in Chicago. Previously, He played a similar role for MIS Solutions in Atlanta – another industry leading MSP well known for sales and marketing excellence. He started his MSP career as a sales executive with PC Miracles and took over as CEO. Ryan knows how the sales and prospecting process works best for MSPs – and how client account management must be re-invented to cultivate large, enduring and profitable relationships

Shawn Phan
Numa Networks Senior Account Manager

Shawn continually eliminated obstacles for those who work hard to deliver world-class technology solutions to fearless innovators across the United States. He is a true Sales Leader with 20 plus years of experience in the high-tech sales and management industry. He is passionate about helping others develop not only professionally, but personally as well. He has a tough, but fair approach to business work ethic, strategy and execution. He embodies a consistent & dependable ability to create effective collaborative sales teams with a solid track record of growth.Achievements: * Increased the number of clients Numa Networks supports by 150 percent * Raised MRR from 500k to 4 Million *Increased seat average count from 25 users to 80 users * Had highest monthly sales in company history – 1.3 Million *Enrolled largest deal in company history – valued at over 6.9 Million over 5 years *Enrolled largest client with 250 plus users *Expanded new territory into San Diego County Specialties: – Sales Leadership – Establishing corporate culture – Performance analysis and operations – Client Relations & Negotiations

Mark Smith
Owner of Advanced Business Innovation

Mark is the owner and CEO of a fast growing MSP in Southern California. He was recently recognized by Taylor Business Groups as achieving one of the top three revenue growth results in the industry. One hallmark of this growth is Mark's personal dedication to sales excellence and superior client service. Most of his client relationships has been intact for decades. All of Mark's instincts and actions are a blueprint for the best practices of New MRR sales – and growing client relationships. His is an original member of the Sales Transformation Group and has routinely grown by 25-33% per year.

Marriott Hotel -- Marina Del Ray, CA

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The good news is that these results are typical and being repeated across the group. See what others are saying about the STP Institute's Program

By far, the concept of and approach to executing on the 6 Pillars of Lead Generation has been the most powerful to NuWave Technology Partners. This has brought tremendous clarity to how as an organization we prioritize and invest our time. Seeing and hearing the results and success from our peers further validates this. Couple all this with the sage advice we get from Mr. Michael Cummings creates the traction we needed to get engaged and be successful. Anecdote: we recently brought on a new business development executive. Michael made a visit to NuWave in her first two weeks of onboarding. She sat with Michael for 3 hours and emerged exclaiming “I get it!”.

Thank you, Michael!

Bill K, NuWave Technology Partners

As a business owner whose primary role is new client acquisition, I have, with the help of STP, been transformed into a much better sales professional who understands time-tested techniques to use during the sales process.  Additionally, I have learned many procedures and processes for hiring and managing a sales team.  We have made significant changes in terms of simplifying our product offerings and placing new staff members in strategic positions.  Through Michael’s coaching and the quarterly meetings, we have implemented sales techniques and strategies that have helped us grow our top line revenue year after year by 20% or more.   STP group discussions are enlightening, inspiring, and educational.  The maturity level of our company has greatly increased in large part due to the guidance of both Michael Cummings and the rest of my group’s members.  The program simply works.

Rich, Tech Solutions Inc

Intentionally investing our time in every pillar, yes, every pillar, has been the key to methodically adding $5K in new MRR per month that will continue through Q1 and Q2 in 2019, that will then grow to adding $10K in new MRR per month in Q3 and Q4 this year.

KISS. We often get hung up on the complexity of IT and want to show our prowess in what we know and what we deliver. Business owners, the decision makers, want to focus on their business, not IT. Sure, you can answer technical questions, but keep it simple, keep it focused. Focus on the client. Focus on the business. Focus on the process. They want to know you can take them to a place that they don’t know how to get to on their own. Stay out of the weeds and build the relationship. And, close the deal!

Chad P, NuWave Technology Partners

Working with Michael and the Sales Transformation Program has helped me better understand how to build an effective sales process.  Michael is able to help me analyze where the gaps are in our sales team and the best ways to address them.  We have grown our sales significantly this year and a big part of that is a result of what we have learned in STP.

Jay M, AtNetPlus

The Sales Transformation Program has re-defined how my company looks at building a sales team.

By following this exclusive program, I have been able to accelerate the growth of my company and do so in a focused and goal orientated approach. It has also help me understand the key elements that go into building and keeping a sales team.

Whether you are looking for a Client Account Manager, to help manage your existing clients, or a Sales Person, to get new clients, this program is something that is not to be missed.

Thank you Michael and your team for helping my company get to the next level.

Mark S, Advanced Business Innovations, Inc

Learn the best practices of these MSP Sales All Stars

Start to close the business that changes the destiny of your firm.

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Two day workshop covering proven, game-changing best practices with follow up 90 Minute one on one sales planning session