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Why Should You Invest in The Surgical Prospecting Program

Landing large new clients on a regular basis changes the destiny of your business. It is a rare competency among MSP owners.

It’s likely that your current sales engine is not producing this result. Is it worth an investment of $599 to learn how to execute the process that drive the desired results? The answer is yes and now we’ve made it even more attractive… and Free!

If you’re serious about growing your MSP, the surgical prospecting business process is the foundation.

If you invest in the surgical prospecting module today, you will

  • Avoid going after a random wish list of target clients and focus on winnable, game-changing prospects
  • Stop pursuing these prospects as a generic, technology vendor and grab their attention and interest as a business expert
  • Change from your current methods that failing to attract these clients and adopt a systematic and professional prospecting business process that is proven to work
  • Move from sporadic and self-limiting prospecting methods to a potent mix of tailored phone prospecting, referral generation, sales conversion techniques and marketing methods that generate game-changing amounts of new MRR with large clients

Simply put, you can either settle for the results that you have been producing. Or make a change by investing in this module.

If you invest, you will be prepared to design and execute the surgical prospecting methodology step by step.

Will this be the year that you change the sales destiny of your MSP?

Learn how this client is implementing The Surgical Prospecting Process right now:

How This Works

The leaders of this program know what it takes to attract large clients routinely. Our clients grow their revenue by 25-40% annually. One of these clients sells over $100k annually in MRR and closes at least one large client every quarter. No theory here, just real world, practical best practices.

Objectives Of The Pillar:

  • Get more discovery meetings with owners and senior decision-makers at your ideal clients
  • Regularly generate and close new MRR business with these targets
  • Avoid the disastrous, generic approach that most MSPs follow
  • Pursue prospects as a business expert and not a vendor
  • Apply a proven approach across different niches with the same exciting sales results.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Most MSPs fail in their pursuit of large, new MRR clients
  • The benchmark for top performing MSPs: 4-5 large new clients a year
  • Why the security and network assessment-led approach is flawed
  • Selecting the right targets – cloning your ideal existing clients
  • What buyers care about when buying MRR services
  • Defining your pain relievers and gain creating distinction
  • Finding the business trauma patterns to provide an entry to your niche
  • Positioning your compelling value to solve/prevent business “pain points”
  • How to come across as a business professional not a salesperson
  • The right script to use when calling owners
  • Getting introduced as a business expert to you targets
  • The secret weapon to generating face to face meetings ( 3 dimensional direct mail)
  • Pursuing the target over time in a professional and productive manner


  • Ryan Ikeler. Ryan is one of the top performing business development professionals in the MSP industry (and a graduate of STP). He routinely sells more than $ 100K in MRR on an annual basis for the past 4-5 years consecutively. He has also managed and developed outside sales professionals and client account members at the MSPs that he has worked for.
  • Michael Cummings – Leader of the Sales Transformation Program. His MSPs clients routinely grow revenue at 25-40% per year. He also worked as a business coach for top executives at industry leading technology firms, including IBM, Cisco, SAP, Accenture and dozens of mid sized companies in the business.

The good news is that these results are typical and being repeated across the group. See what others are saying about the STP Institute’s Program

As a business owner whose primary role is new client acquisition, I have, with the help of STP, been transformed into a much better sales professional who understands time-tested techniques to use during the sales process.  Additionally, I have learned many procedures and processes for hiring and managing a sales team.  We have made significant changes in terms of simplifying our product offerings and placing new staff members in strategic positions.  Through Michael’s coaching and the quarterly meetings, we have implemented sales techniques and strategies that have helped us grow our top line revenue year after year by 20% or more.   STP group discussions are enlightening, inspiring, and educational.  The maturity level of our company has greatly increased in large part due to the guidance of both Michael Cummings and the rest of my group’s members.  The program simply works.

Rich, Tech Solutions Inc

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Your Next Big Client Is Out There Waiting For You
But, they don’t know you, see little value in meeting you right now and don’t respond to the traditional methods of prospecting. Plus, they have other MSPs calling them all the time – all using the same security or network assessment pitch.

You can change this reality and distinguish yourself in the eyes of C-level executives at bigger companies. Learn how.