Here is the answer. The Six Pillars Prospecting Playbook For MSPs:

Pursuing a portfolio of six categories of prospecting activities simultaneously with each other is the secret to driving the number and quality of Discovery Meetings required for a formidable sales engine.

The six pillars are:

  1. Volume prospecting, combining three components: telephone prospecting, lead nurturing, and direct mail;
  2. Surgical prospecting — using a variety of methods on a sustained basis to reach a short hit list of intentionally targeted prospects;
  3. Alliances — partnering with a small set of companies who can refer multiple opportunities on a regular basis, such as vendors, adjacent IT players, and accounting firms;
  4. Associations – intentionally working business associations where your ideal prospects are the bulk of the members — and where you have a clear business development plan and sales objectives);
  5. Systematic referral generation – establishing a routine process (planned, proactive) to ask for and give introductions to your network of top business relationships; and
  6. Combined digital/old school marketing system — executing an integrated set of digital and direct marketing methods — including an ecosystem of routine events and training offerings.

The Six Pillars are a portfolio of 6 sales channels. Each channel has a playbook, strategy, action plan, steps, processes, key performance indicators and a sales conversion process. It has jobs and workflow that must be flawlessly executed by top talent.

As a sales leader, you need to understand and manage how each of these sales channels.

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