Developing Your Comeback MSP Sales Plan

  • Are your sales results sufficient to achieve your desired growth goals and dreams you have for your MSP?
  • Is your MSP stuck at a sales ceiling that you can’t seem to surmount?
  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic downturn derailed your sales engine?
  • Is your sales engine producing the number and quality of first time appointments that you desire?

Why Sales Engines Tend To Fail 

Most MSPs struggle with building a scalable sales model. It is not uncommon for MSPs to grow their business rapidly through their operational and administrative excellence to a point. Then, they tend to hit a sales ceiling; where they can’t grow using their current sales model. More often than not, this sales block can stagnate their growth forever.

The current economic environment makes this problem more acute. Every opportunity is precious. Investing money in tools or methods that don’t yield results is painful. There is a natural tendency to pull back and shelter your business in place.

Follow A Proven Blueprint

Luckily, there is a blueprint and a plan to follow. 

I have worked on an intensive basis with an elite group of MSPs for the past four years. They have all achieved 25-33% annual sales growth. Even in the Covid economy, they are bringing in new MRR clients, selling a solid stream of project work and building even stronger bonds with clients. Many are growing sales by 15-20% YTD over last year.

How? change begins with the owner’s commitment to change their business. This commitment must be informed by a plan and transformation blueprint, so they know what commitment means and willingly embrace it.

I have put this program to be of service to MSPs of all sizes who want to know what to do now. These times require change and action. And this is the best way for me to help the most MSPs.

Developing Your Comeback Sales Plan

I work with you on an intensive 6-8 week basis to

  • Rapidly build your business development competency 
  • Put immediate action plans in place
  • Provide proprietary tools, method and training
  • Deliver personal motivation, accountability and help

I will do this as a series of 7 working sessions with you and your team (lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours each). 

  • Session 1: Understanding your business, sales performance, current strategy offerings and past initiatives 
  • Session 2: Focusing on your best client niches and target clients
  • Session 3: Systematic referral generation – getting introductions to your ideal target clients from existing business relationships
  • Session 4: Leveraging alliances and association involvement to drive discovery meetings
  • Session 5: Surgical prospecting – how to continually pursue a short list of targets in a high-valued added  
  • Session 6: Pursuing marketing that matters — focusing on the right marketing investment to generate leads  
  • Session 7:  Building best in class client relationships – becoming a valued business advisor
  • Session 8: Your next 90 days – pulling all the elements together, managing the process and moving forward

In addition, you get access to my proprietary tools and training to support you through the process. 

When we are done, you will know what to, why it will work and how to execute.

Your Investment – $ 4,750

Your investment will be $ 4,750 payable as an upfront retainer. More importantly, you must devote your time, heart, effort and energy into the plan. 

My commitment is to devote myself to your success. As such, I will limit access to this program to 2-3 new clients per month. 

Review this video to understand the blueprint for transforming your sales results. As an MSP owner, you have two choices right now —
1) Invest, take action and seize the opportunities that current conditions provide
2) Retreat and shelter your business in place until conditions change

Then, if you are ready to move forward, either email me at or complete the form and we can schedule a call. I can answer your questions and move forward

Special Notice To Taylor Business Group Members

As part of my close partnership with the Taylor Business Group, we offer a special discount for this program.

To obtain this discount, contact Dennis O’Connell at

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