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How Can Your Best Current Clients Introduce You to Over 50 Prospects This Year?

It is a proven business process used by my MSP clients to drive 4-6 client referrals a month. We provide a turnkey training system so they you and your team can proactively put to work today. Start turning your best current clients into your sales force. Expect 4-6 new MRR clients from this effort alone.

How It Works?

  • Learn what to do and how to do through our recorded training
  • Understand how to execute this program through the detailed training manual
  • Tailor the approach to your business through the exercises in the workbook

Why Should You Invest In This Training Program?

You are not getting the amount and quality of referrals you should be. Why?

  • You don’t ask
  • You ask the wrong clients
  • You settle for cold referrals rather than warm personal introductions
  • You are not specific about who you want to be introduced to
  • You don’t know how to ask for introductions professionally
  • You don’t create occasions to refer
  • You treat referrals as an afterthought rather than an intentional and routine business process

You will get access to a 50 Minute Expert Training Video, a 30 Page Playbook to Implement the Program, and a Workbook Exercises to Tailor the Approach for Your Business.

Pillar 5 Example

Pillar 5 Playbook Sample

Pillar 5 Workbook Sample

Changes You Will Make In Your Business:

Put in place this proven business process and change the results you’ll see:

  1. Focus on a selective short list of your best prospects
  2. Ask the right clients to connect you with these prospects
  3. Activate warm introductions
  4. Learn how to ask
  5. Follow through diligently
  6. Develop the cadence, habits and workflow required to land new MRR clients

What You Will Learn:

  • Take an inventory of clients and assess the quality of your relationship with them
  • Define your prioritized hit list of prospects that you want to be introduced to
  • Determine which clients are best positioned to make the desired introductions
  • Schedule time in your calendar to set up and conduct referral meetings
  • Establish a disciplined routine for calling contacts and regular meeting rhythm of in person meetings
  • Learn how to ask the right way and practice
  • Have flawless follow up on all referrals
  • Let the contact/client know what happened (after you follow up)
  • Send a handwritten thank you note for a referral meeting
  • Reciprocate when you can
  • Set up and synchronize occasions/events and other reasons to activate introductions

MSP Sales All Stars Get Over 50 Introductions a Year!

The good news is that these results are typical and being repeated across the group. See what others are saying about the STP Institute’s Program

As a business owner whose primary role is new client acquisition, I have, with the help of STP, been transformed into a much better sales professional who understands time-tested techniques to use during the sales process.  Additionally, I have learned many procedures and processes for hiring and managing a sales team.  We have made significant changes in terms of simplifying our product offerings and placing new staff members in strategic positions.  Through Michael’s coaching and the quarterly meetings, we have implemented sales techniques and strategies that have helped us grow our top line revenue year after year by 20% or more.   STP group discussions are enlightening, inspiring, and educational.  The maturity level of our company has greatly increased in large part due to the guidance of both Michael Cummings and the rest of my group’s members.  The program simply works.

Rich, Tech Solutions Inc

Invest $199 today and get immediate access to the systematic referral generating playbook – your pathway to acquiring the large clients that change the fortunes of you and your business.

You will receive, a two hour series of recorded webinars by Ryan and Michael, a detailed step by step 90-page playbook and carefully designed workbook to tailor the best practices to your MSP.

Put the tools to work, get the discovery meetings that you need and start to close the business that changes the destiny of your firm.

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Grow your business with Warm Referrals!

Getting a highly qualified referral from a client is the most potent business development asset in your sales engine. However, the typical MSP only gets a few rare referrals a year. Change this today.


  • Ryan Ikeler. Ryan is one of the top performing business development professionals in the MSP industry (and a graduate of STP). He routinely sells more than $ 100K in MRR on an annual basis for the past 4-5 years consecutively. He has also managed and developed outside sales professionals and client account members at the MSPs that he has worked for.
  • Michael Cummings – Leader of the Sales Transformation Program. His MSPs clients routinely grow revenue at 25-40% per year. He also worked as a business coach for top executives at industry leading technology firms, including IBM, Cisco, SAP, Accenture and dozens of mid sized companies in the business.