Hear from Happy Customers

By far, the concept of and approach to executing on the 6 Pillars of Lead Generation has been the most powerful to NuWave Technology Partners. This has brought tremendous clarity to how as an organization we prioritize and invest our time. Seeing and hearing the results and success from our peers further validates this. Couple all this with the sage advice we get from Mr. Michael Cummings creates the traction we needed to get engaged and be successful. Anecdote: we recently brought on a new business development executive. Michael made a visit to NuWave in her first two weeks of onboarding. She sat with Michael for 3 hours and emerged exclaiming “I get it!”.

Thank you, Michael!

Bill K, NuWave Technology Partners

As a business owner whose primary role is new client acquisition, I have, with the help of STP, been transformed into a much better sales professional who understands time-tested techniques to use during the sales process.  Additionally, I have learned many procedures and processes for hiring and managing a sales team.  We have made significant changes in terms of simplifying our product offerings and placing new staff members in strategic positions.  Through Michael’s coaching and the quarterly meetings, we have implemented sales techniques and strategies that have helped us grow our top line revenue year after year by 20% or more.   STP group discussions are enlightening, inspiring, and educational.  The maturity level of our company has greatly increased in large part due to the guidance of both Michael Cummings and the rest of my group’s members.  The program simply works.

Rich, Tech Solutions Inc

Intentionally investing our time in every pillar, yes, every pillar, has been the key to methodically adding $5K in new MRR per month that will continue through Q1 and Q2 in 2019, that will then grow to adding $10K in new MRR per month in Q3 and Q4 this year.

KISS. We often get hung up on the complexity of IT and want to show our prowess in what we know and what we deliver. Business owners, the decision makers, want to focus on their business, not IT. Sure, you can answer technical questions, but keep it simple, keep it focused. Focus on the client. Focus on the business. Focus on the process. They want to know you can take them to a place that they don’t know how to get to on their own. Stay out of the weeds and build the relationship. And, close the deal!

Chad P, NuWave Technology Partners

Working with Michael and the Sales Transformation Program has helped me better understand how to build an effective sales process.  Michael is able to help me analyze where the gaps are in our sales team and the best ways to address them.  We have grown our sales significantly this year and a big part of that is a result of what we have learned in STP.

Jay M, AtNetPlus

The Sales Transformation Program has re-defined how my company looks at building a sales team.

By following this exclusive program, I have been able to accelerate the growth of my company and do so in a focused and goal orientated approach. It has also help me understand the key elements that go into building and keeping a sales team.

Whether you are looking for a Client Account Manager, to help manage your existing clients, or a Sales Person, to get new clients, this program is something that is not to be missed.

Thank you Michael and your team for helping my company get to the next level.

Mark S, Advanced Business Innovations, Inc