Sales Transformation Program

How MSPs can build a formidable and scalable sales engine

What is the Sales
Transformation Program?

The Sales Transformation Program is a peer group for
an elite group of MSP owners with a focus to build,
lead and manage all aspects of business development,
marketing, and client relationship management.

The peer group is limited to owners who aspire to
grow their revenues by 2-3x – and are willing to invest
their personal time to make it happen.

It Starts with the Owner

In our direct coaching work and sales transformation peer groups, we have worked with many of our clients to overcome this sales chasm. The owners who successfully built their sales engine shared a common roadmap and set of best practices that other MSP owners can emulate.

Six Essential Steps for
Sales Transformation

  • The owner has to be “all in” and lead the charge
    They will have to be personally dedicated to building a new sales model – complete with implementing new processes, developing a new team, and mastering new ways to lead/manage.
  • The owner must invest…their time.
    Our clients are investing 50% of their time in five key areas including process definition, hiring, and training.
  • The owner needs new skills.
    To engage in the performance-producing sales management activities from pre-call planning, managing daily huddles, and activity tracking.
  • The owner must build the sales infrastructure.
    Including sales playbooks, tools for appointment setting, on-boarding, and metrics.
  • The owner has to hire the right talent.
    Set standards for your ideal candidate in terms of functional skills, experience/track record, and behavioral attributes
  • The owner has to become a transformational sales coach.
    Transformational coaching hits on all three of the following aspects of your team including effort, call execution, motivation, and integrity.

Your investment

Your investment provides you with an 18-month program, limited to 8 participants per group.

  • One on one onboarding meeting and readiness plan
  • 3 quarterly working sessions (two days each in Chicago or remote)
  • Monthly action plans
  • Monthly working sessions and best practices reviews.

What Results can
you expect?

While results vary depending on the owners’
commitment, time investment, and follow-through,
here is what our owners can expect to product

  • 8-10 discovery meetings per month with qualified
  • MSP prospects per salesperson
  • 1-2 new MSP sales per month for each salesperson
  • 20-30% increase in sales to existing clients

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