Big Mistakes MSP Owners Make

Posted By STP Institute - May, 21 2022

Big Mistakes MSP Owners Make

It’s a fact. Most MSPs hit a sales ceiling and stagnate there for years. It happens to eight or nine in ten of the MSPs in the industry. For some reason, it always seems to hit your business somewhere around the $1M–$4M revenue level.


Despite their best efforts, the vast majority of MSPs remain in the sales doldrums year after year. In contrast, the MSP owners in our Sales Transformation Program have doubled their revenue over a 2-3 year period. These owners in the program have changed the destiny of their business – by learning how to make the client acquisition process work. And if you take similar actions, then you will realize similar results.


So, why does the typical MSP remain trapped in such disappointing sales?


  • Focusing The Prospecting Process On You: No offense, but prospective buyers don’t care about you or your company. But, most promotion and prospecting in the industry is about US – our offers, our company, our people and our sales process.


  • Ignoring The Buying Process: Prospects do care about THEIR business and personal  “pain points”. All buying processes begin with a compelling business or personal trauma. Therefore, all prospecting should be about THEM, not US. If we connect with THEIR business trauma or , we will be invited into THEIR buying process.


  • Being Generic: Buyers are being bombarded by sales and marketing outreach by MSPs. Most MSPs promote, act and sound alike. You need to do something extraordinary, micro-niche focused and buyer centric to stand out.


The bad news is there are more mistakes that defeat the prospecting effort of most MSPs.

But, take heart. You can follow the same prospecting playbook that has been proven to work for our clients.